Cute Pickle Crafts
Hello! My name is Mandi and I design and sew adorable, huggable stuffed animals right here in Portland, Oregon!

Each plushie is handcrafted with love and care, perfect for bringing a smile to the face of a child or the young-at-heart. Looking for a unique gift that's both whimsical and high-quality? You've come to the right place! I use super soft materials to create cuddly friends that won't break the bank.
Here's what makes our plushie pals so special:
Made with Love in Portland: I pour our hearts into every stitch, creating unique characters for you to cherish.
Huggable Happiness: Soft materials and cuddly designs make our plushies the perfect cuddle companions.
Whimsy at an Affordable Price: I believe everyone deserves a touch of magic, that's why our creations are both charming and accessible.